I’m an indecisive person. I leave the “favourite” section blank in those get-to-know-me survey type things; favourite movie, song, food? How could I possibly pick only one?! In the same degree, choosing a favourite day of the week is incredibly hard. I love Monday mornings for the sense of a fresh start, a new beginning, the potential to make the following week the greatest seven days of your life. I love Friday nights for the knot in your stomach, the excitement of whats to come; sometimes a night out with my best friends, sometimes a Gossip Girl marathon (both scenarios usually involving min. one bottle of cab sav, obvi). Despite my inability to pick favourites though, I’d have to say Sunday evenings come pretty effing close to first place in my books.

I used to dread the feeling of Sundays. In our house, it was a day dedicated to cleaning and catching up on all the homework I didn’t do over the weekend. Once I stopped doing my homework (can a ninth grader get senioritis?) I started to love my lazy Sundays, and over the past couple of years, I’ve constructed a kind of routine as a homage to the seventh day of the week.

  1. Sleep in. As much as you can. Because I’m a big girl now, the opportunity to really sleep in comes once in a blue moon, but even on the Sundays that have to be spent at one of my two jobs I’ll sacrifice twenty minutes of my makeup routine just to hit the snooze button a few more times.
  2. Coffee & breakfast. If I have the time and the weather permits, I’ll make myself an elaborate breakfast on Sundays and eat it outside while gazing off into the distance like a basic bitch tortured soul.
  3. Back to bed. I’m not lying when I say I spend 93% of every Sunday in my bed. I’ll binge watch a TV show, nap, creep my ex on Facebook, creep girls that are prettier than me on Instagram, and now, I guess I’ll write blog posts.
  4. Clean. Once I feel like I can’t lay in bed any longer (some days this feeling comes on later than others) I’ll get my booty up and deep clean my makeup collection or do some laundry, and I always finish by making my bed. This is because a) it looks pretty and b) if I don’t, I’m more inclined to get back in and waste away the rest of the night.
  5. Bath time! My fave part of the day (Well either that or the cleaning part… I can’t decide!) I’ll put a stupid amount of coconut oil in my hair, shave my legs, moisturize, and basically pamper myself in ways that I can’t during the busy week. After this, its
  6. Back to bed. Again. Till my alarm goes off the next morning.

Happy Sunday my loves, xo